inside the .zip below the best bet is to copy each of the three (sys32, sysWOW64, and winsxs) folders contents to their respective locations:




Each of the System folders may prompt the need to provide administrator permission to copy to these folders by simply clicking on the require elevated 'Continue' option.

The WinSxS is the location which the files were usually delivered first then copied to their needed Sys32 or SysWOW64 final destination.

The WinSxS folders aren't necessarily needed to be copied though is not a bad idea to have them as a backup location in the rare case they are needed again for any unforeseen reason.

NOTE:  May have to have to current inoperable install of Windows connected as a slave, or booted into a virtual environment in order to copy the WinSxS folder contents in worse case scenario.

The following is a link hosted from my support site, which should be available as long as this thread is live.'