When transferring data, the status window may show the following terminology:

Re-queuing files

If a file cannot be uploaded for any particular reason the file gets re-queued and will be re-attempted when Livedrive reaches the end of the upload queue.

It is recommended to set the backup to scheduled rather than realtime - if you have the realtime scan set, every time a file is changed, it is re-queued

to be uploaded, and in effect won't be able to complete because it is always being changed.

Aborting files

If the file has already been uploaded because it exists in another folder, it doesn't need to be uploaded again. You may have since unticked a folder to be backed up, you may have moved a folder that was previously selected to be backed up, or the particular file exists within another folder that has already been backed up.

Deleting files

If you have recently reinstalled Livedrive then a new backup set would be created on our servers for your computer. This would mean that the software will scan through all the files and folders you selected to be backed up, and create file and folder place holders, ready to be populated with the file data.

When the software attempts to re-upload files that already exist on our servers this is detected by our de-duplication technology - instead of uploading the files from your computer, it copies the files already backed up, and 'deletes' the newly made file place holder

If you recently unselected a Parent folder and selected the sub-folders individually to be backed up then LiveDrive will need to reconfigure the way it stores the files in your Backup.

You may see a lot of files being deleted in your Detailed Status, however this is where LiveDrive is simply removing the old file placeholders, and recreating them according to the new backup selections you made.

Livedrive can't simply 'move' the file place holders - it needs to first delete, then recreate the files in the new folder, and due to de-duplication all the files won't need to be re-uploaded from your computer, so its a quick process.