With the Livedrive apps, you can upload your documents and pictures stored on your device or from your SD card directly to your Livedrive Briefcase.

Once you have downloaded the app from the market place, simply follow these simple steps...


To upload files stored on the device:

  1. Login to your Livedrive Cloud account using the app
  2. Click on Briefcase
  3. Then click on the Options button
  4. Select Upload
  5. Navigate to the location of your file

That's it! Livedrive will begin uploading your file to your Briefcase. Once uploaded, the file will be accessible on your web portal and downloaded to your computer.

NOTE: If you have an SD card and want to upload from it, in place of step 2 above, Click on SD Browser, then select the file and Upload to Briefcase


To upload your pictures:

  1. Login to your Livedrive Cloud account using the app.
  2. Click on the camera icon
  3. Upload From Album or Upload From Camera

Once you selected a picture, Livedrive will upload the file into your Briefcase. The file will then accessible via your web portal and desktop.