There are four main features in your Livedrive for Business account:

  • Backup - Livedrive Backup runs in the background on each of the computers in your business and backs up documents to your Livedrive account. The software works in real time to protect your PCs - so as soon as a document is saved, Livedrive will start backing it up. Most of the time documents are backed up within seconds of being saved. Each user in the company can have their own separate set of backups, and they can log in to the web portal at any time to view or restore from their backups. You, as the account administrator, can also view the files being backed up by any user.
  • Briefcase - each user in your Business Account can also have a Briefcase. A Briefcase is private online storage that is only accessible by that user and by the Business Account administrators. A user can log in online to upload and download files to their Briefcase, but the best way to use Livedrive Briefcase is from the Livedrive Desktop Software. The software will add a new drive to their computers - a Briefcase drive - which the user can use just like any other drive. As soon as they save files there, the files are uploaded to their online Livedrive Briefcase and are also synced between all of their computers - so they can take their files with them wherever they go.
  • Team Folders - a Team Folder is like a Briefcase, but it is shared between many different users. As the Business Account Administrator, you can create as many Team Folders as you like and give users Read Only or Read/Write access. If a user is given access to a Team Folder then it will appear in the Team Folders section of the Livedrive web portal when they log in online - and they can view or upload files from there - as well as appearing in a Team Folders section of their Briefcase drive. Team Folders are a great way for your departments to collaborate on documents - for example a Team Folder for your Marketing team could be a great place for them to store their press releases, so that all of the team can access, edit or add to them whenever they require.
  • Web Sharing - Web Sharing is a great way to share files with people outside of your business. You can share files publicly - so that anyone can see them - or privately - so that only people who you choose can see them. If you share files publicly then they will appear on your public sharing portal at If you share files privately then we'll send your recipients an email with a password so that they can log in to your sharing portal and view them. You can brand your business sharing portal with your name, your own colours and logo and your own welcome text.