Users access their Livedrive settings via the Livedrive Control Center which is installed with the Livedrive desktop software. The Livedrive Control Centre runs in the Windows System Tray and can opened by right clicking on the Livedrive icon and selecting "Open Control Centre".

Click on the Settings tab in Control Centre to access Livedrive settings on your device. From here, one is able to;

  • Manage your Backups and how often these backups occur. 
  • Secure your Files by encrypting your Briefcase files automatically. 
  • Access Advanced Settings which lets you manage items such as Backup Exclusions, Bandwidth, Priorities and online file handling. You can also run an Integrity Check to help resolve any issues.

Advanced Settings

  • Priorities - From here you can prioritise which file types have a higher priority than others.

  • Bandwidth - You can control how much bandwidth is used when uploading or downloading files.

  • Backup Exclusions - You can select which files and folders to exclude from your backups.

  • LAN Transfers - LAN Transfers enable you to automatically sync all files in your Briefcase to any computer on the local area network that has Livedrive desktop software installed. From here, you can disable / enable LAN Transfers completely or selectively exclude devices from the sync process.

  • Proxy - Manually configure Proxy credentials if you need to access Livedrive via a proxy.

  • Briefcase Files - Define the behaviour of files when other devices add files to your Briefcase and what happens when you open such files.

  • Integrity Check - Trigger an Integrity Check to compare that files you have online and saved on your device.

  • Turn Briefcase Off - Turn Briefcase synchronization on or off.

  • System Status - View current Livedrive System Status.