If you accidentally delete a file from your computer or you lose your computer and want to transfer all of your files to a new device, the Livedrive desktop client is able to restore your data using the Livedrive Control Centre. To restore your file/s or folders use the following procedure.

Opening the Livedrive Control Centre.

  • Right click on the Livedrive desktop client which is running in the Windows System Tray and select "Open Control Centre".

  • Select the "Restore" tab in the Livedrive Control Centre.

  • Double click the device from which you want to restore.

Restoring a folder

  • To restore a folder, navigate the folder structure and click the "Restore" action for the folder you wish to restore

  • You will then have the option of restoring to the original location or selecting a different folder. You also need to specify what to do if the file already exists.

  • Click the "Restore" button to restore your folder

Restoring a file.

  • To restore a file or files, navigate the folder structure and click the "Restore" for the file you wish to restore.

  • You will the be prompted to select a location to restore the file.

  • Click the "Restore" button to restore the file in the selected location.
  • If the file exists, a dialogue box will ask if you want to replace the file.

Completion of the Restore.

  • The restore will begin and the Control Centre will show the progress of the restore.

  • Upon completion of the restore, the Control Centre will show that the restore is complete.

  • A Restore Report is also generated in the restore location and can be viewed from the Control Centre by clicking on the "Click to open report" link.