Restoring a previous version of a file

A Livedrive restore allows you to restore up to 30 versions of a backed up document. To restore a version of the backed up document, other than the most recent version, follow the standard restore procedure. On the restore "Destination" screen on the "Restore" tab, you will note that the versions of the backed up files are listed and that you can select which version you wish to install - see screen shot below. To restore the version of the file, click on the "Restore" button and follow the standard restore procedure.

Restoring a deleted file.

On occasion, you may want to restore a file that you have deleted on your device and therefore no longer forms part of the automated Livedrive Backup i.e. the last backup did not include the file as it was deleted on the users device. Livedrive retains deleted files for a period of 30 days so a user may restore a deleted file in such a scenario.

To restore such a file, follow the standard restore procedure, but ensure that you have checked the "Show deleted files" check box. Deleted files can be identified by showing in a light grey colour - see screen shot below. To restore the deleted file, click on the "Restore" action and follow the standard restore procedure.