When a user has Briefcase enabled and has the Livedrive desktop client installed, the user is able to specify if a file or folder is stored locally. This is done by right clicking on the file or folder in the Livedrive Briefcase folder in Windows Explorer. This feature is particularly useful if disk space is limited on the users device. If access speed is a factor, the user may prefer to store the file locally and then let the Briefcase automatically synchronize to the cloud after saving the file.

At a global level, each user can specify their own default Briefcase storage settings via the Livedrive desktop client. This accomplished by;
  • Opening the Livedrive Control Centre by right clicking on the Livedrive Software Client running in the Windows System Tray.

  • Clicking on the "Settings" tab
  • Clicking on the "Advanced" button
  • Clicking on "Briefcase Files"
From here, the user can specify what happens if files are added to their Briefcase by other devices i.e. whether they are stored locally or in the cloud. They can also specify what happens when opening cloud files i.e. Open the file in their personal Web Portal, download the file locally or prompt the user to make a choice.