Assuming a user has the Livedrive desktop software installed and Livedrive Backup has been enabled in their user profile in the Business Account Admin Portal, then the user may manage their own Livedrive backups.

Via the Livedrive desktop software, which runs in the background and minimized in the Windows System Tray, the user may select which files or folders are backed up to Livedrive using the following procedure;

  • Right click on the Livedrive icon in the system tray and select "Open Control Centre".

  • Click on the "Settings" tab.

  • Click on "Backup Selection".

  • Click on "Add another folder" and navigate to the required folder to make a new backup selection.

  • At this point, one is also able to choose how often to scan for changes within the selected backup folders by clicking on the "Manage Schedule" button.

  • The user may view the Backup status in the Livedrive Control Centre by clicking the "Dashboard" tab. From here one is also able to force an unscheduled Backup by clicking on the "Backup now" button.