Assuming the user has been configured to use the Livedrive desktop client, you can download the software from either your Business Account Admin Portal or the users personal Web Portal - just log in to either. In the Business Account Admin Portal, go to the "Software" tab, or in the users personal Web Portal, go to "Download" and select the appropriate version of the Livedrive desktop client. The software takes just a few minutes to install.

If the user has had the Backup and Briefcase options enabled in the Business Account Admin Portal, installing the Livedrive desktop client allows a user to configure which of their files they wish to backup. It also adds a new drive (Livedrive Briefcase) to their computers. In Windows, this will probably be the "L" drive.

Download: from users Web Portal

To download from the users personal Web Portal, click on the download button on the menu on the left:

This opens the following screen which changes depending on the users computer type.  In this case it was from a Windows computer  and clicking the big yellow "Download" button will start the download:

Once it is downloaded, please follow the "Installing" instructions below.

Download: from the Administration portal

To download from the Admin Portal, click on the "Software" menu item at the top.

This opens the following screen. from here you can download any version of the software:

Once it is downloaded, please follow the "Installing" instructions below.\

Installing LiveDrive

Once the software is downloaded from any of the above sources, simply do to the "Downloads" folder on the users computer (open Computer, click on the Downloads favourite near the top).

Find the file called LivedriveSetup.exe and run it by double clicking on it.

This will kick off the installation process, and there is very little to amend in the settings as you install:

Once complete, the following screen will be shown:

Simply enter the users credentials, and click next.  You will be asked for a computer name, and by default it uses the computers name on the network.

Clicking next will proceed to the end of the setup:

LiveDrive immediately starts with a backup of the computer  My Documents and Desktop by default. 

Clicking Finish will end the installation.  The setup will terminate, and the Console screen will load:

This can just be closed, as Livedrive will continue in the background protecting data.

The initial process can take quite a bit of time, even weeks for large amounts of data.  Be patient, it is worth it.