User administration is performed via the Business Account Admin Portal. Navigate to the Users tab to add, delete, view or edit your user accounts.

The Admin Portal allows you to choose which you want the user to be able to use and choose the Team Folders that the user should have access to - see below

  • Set user level i.e. Administrator or Standard
  • Number of computers a user may install the desktop software
  • Mark account as Active or Suspended
  • Enable / Disable Backup and set Backup Quota in GB.
  • Enable / Disable Briefcase and set Briefcase Quota in GB.
  • Administer Team Folders i.e. set user access and permissions.
  • Enable / Disable usage of Mobile Apps.
  • Enable / Disable usage of Web Apps.
  • Enable / Disable usage of Desktop Client.
  • Enable / Disable ability to add Team Folders from Web Portal

One is also able to impersonate a newly added or modified user by clicking on the "View As User" link to verify their functionality within their own personal user Portal e.g. access Team Folders and Briefcase.

Add User

To add a user, click the "Add User" button on the Users screen.

Aside from name, email and password, this section of the create user screen also defines the users system rights - Administrator or Standard user, how may computers the user may install the software onto, and if the account is active or not.  Marking it inactive immediately suspends login while retaining the users files.

Below the system settings for the user are system rights:

  • Backup

  • Briefcase

  • Team Folders

  • Advanced Options

Most of the settings are fairly self evident. Naturally any of these items can be changed later if something is missing from the users account.

Once all the information has been filled in, click the button at the bottom of the screen:

Edit a user

To view user statistics, edit or delete a user, click on an existing users email address on the Users screen:

Clicking the "" address above opens the following summary screen (truncated):

Here we can edit the user by clicking the Edit User button, which opens the same screen as "Add user" above.  One can then change any of the options for this user.

Once complete, click the Update User button at the bottom of the screen

Delete a user

While it is not always wise to immediately delete a user due to potential data loss, it is a simple process.  Simply click the user's email address on the Users screen, and click the "Delete user" button:

You will get a warning that this is not a reversible option, and all info for this user will be removed permanently.

To remove the account, simply type DELETE into the box, and click the "Delete" button.


It is always best to disable the account, backup or move any user specific data the company might want to retain, and once this is done, delete the user.