As the name implies, the Livedrive Business Account Admin Portal is where one administers your Livedrive account. The Business Admin Portal login screen is accessible via

Only Administrator users can log into the Business Account Admin Portal. From the Business Account Admin Portal you can add, edit and remove users, manage Team Folders, see usage reports, manage billings and upgrades for your Business Account.

Once an administrator logs in, the dashboard is presented.  This contains a summary of the account:

All links in this page open specifics about the item clicked.  This will be covered in some detail below.

We are going to start with the top menu:

Dashboard - The summary screen outlined above

Users - Here you can Add/Modify/Remove users, Assign quota, Allow access to Backup/Briefcase/Team Folders, Allow or disallow devices per user

Team Folders - This allows creation of shared/Team folders, as well as assigning rights to the folders

Computers - Displays computers on which LiveDrive software is installed, and which user is signed in per computer

Software - A repository for all client software (Windows, Apple, Android), both PC and mobile

Billing - Outline of billing

Help & Support - Assistance references for administration